Smart Powermeter

Welcome to the documentation page of the Smart Powermeter, an electronic board based on the ESP32 with the target of monitoring the real-time consumption of AC sources.

It can be powered from a \(220 V_{AC}\) source so it can be mounted on the electric cabinet in order to monitor your home electric consumption.

In addition it can support displays such as a round-corner 1.69” screen (based on the ST7789 driver) or a 2.9” monochrome e-paper display, to provide graphic information about the measured consumption, as well as spent money or any info you want to show.


🦺 Safety guidelines

How to operate and manipulate the Smart Powermeter.

💡 Getting started

First steps for configuring and working with the Smart Powermeter.

💻 Programming

Example firmware files for the Smart Powermeter.

📐 Design

Design files of the Smart Powermeter.

Technical support

If you have technical problems or cannot find the information that you need in the provided documentation, please contact me directly:





Smart Powermeter




November 19, 2023